BAPC 14 : Student Association Fees How to Use Them!

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BAPC 14 : Student Association Fees How to Use Them!

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 10, 2015 9:10 pm

Hey ya'll,

A small portion of our Student Association fees gets allocated back to our cohort to use as we wish, except for anything illegal. If the funds don't get used then they go back into the Student Association Pot for others to use! Our timeline to use these funds is by the time our program is done. The intention of this forum is to begin discussing how, and when, we would like to use the funds!

Some ideas that surfaced from the Survey sent out were:
1. Graduation Celebration.
2. Give to a student in need.
3. Give back to the community.
4. Group dinner at this upcoming residency.
5. Group outing/excursion at this upcoming residency.
6. A new fridge.

Once we decide what we want to do and when, a budget and short 250 word proposal will have to be created and posted to the finance committee to vote that yes, our idea is good to go. I am bringing this to our attention, so if we want to use it during our next residency we'll have to get shakin'!

I look forward to hearing what everyone thinks!



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Re: BAPC 14 : Student Association Fees How to Use Them!

Post by cmorrell on Thu Mar 12, 2015 10:03 am

My vote is for a new (third fridge). Last year it was almost impossible to find space in a fridge so I had to buy food at the cafe everyday, which was super expensive. I arrived late on Sunday and by then both fridges were almost full. The problem continued the entire three weeks. Regardless if we get a third fridge, I think we need to do a better job of being mindful of others also needing space to refrigerate food. I'm sure other co-horts have experienced this problem, so it (a new fridge) would be like a "gift" that keeps on giving

Second choice - would be a graduation celebration.

Third choice - group dinner at this upcoming residency.



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